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  P/01460/17: Construction of boarding house and netball courts in association with school and associated landscaping works, to include improved access for emergency and refuse vehicles (revised scheme) at Ryde School, 7 Queens Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO333BE

The planning committee resolved to grant the above application on the 17th April 2018, subject to consultation with the Secretary of state. The secretary of state has responded that "in deciding whether to call in the application, the secretary of state has considered his policy on calling in planning applications. This policy gives examples of the types of issues which may lead him to conclude, in his opinion that applications should be called in. The secretary of state has decided, having had regard to this policy, not to call in the application. He is content that the application should be determined by the local planning authority."

In light of the above the decision has now been issued by the Council.

Correspondence on Planning

Please note that the Council does not enter into individual correspondence about representations on planning or similar applications. Nor will it provide comment in the media on planning applications that are still to be determined. 

We take account of comments as part of the process of assessing the application, along with all others received. The report prepared is to inform the decision-making process (whether for Committee decisions or an officer delegated decision) and summarises all the representations and assesses the issues raised in the context of relevant planning policies.

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