Homelessness Prevention - Landlord Information

Find a Home Scheme

Finding a home on the Isle of Wight can be very difficult and for many people this can be nearly impossible.

The Isle of Wight Council is keen to work with landlords and letting agents to find alternative ways of providing local people with a home that they can make their own. We believe that the private rented sector is vital to Island residents and can offer housing options to them that they may not have considered exploring.

At the same time the Isle of Wight Council wants to ensure that landlords and letting agents are comfortable to help us find homes for people who otherwise will find it hard to access good quality housing.

Therefore, the council has developed a scheme that include a package for landlords and letting agents that will encourage you to work with it to open up new housing options for people. In return you will have the reassurance of the council’s support if any issues arise with the tenant.

Please click here to find more details on this scheme and here for an example of the agreement and terms* your property would be signed into.  

If you have a property that is currently available to let and feel that the scheme is right for you, please download and complete the registration form.

If you have any further queries about the scheme, please contact the Accommodation Officer using the telephone number and send a message tab, which can be found in the 'Contact' tab above.

* Please note that these documents could be subject to change in the future.