Background Documents

Local Development Scheme

The Isle of Wight Council's Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out the programme for preparing the plans that form part of its local plan, known on the Isle of Wight as the Island Plan. The LDS includes a timetable for the remaining Development Plan Documents (DPDs), the statutory component parts of the Island Plan which outline key development aims, which can be viewed separately below for ease of reference: 

Local Development Scheme (May 2015) (PDF, 211KB, 18 pages)

Document production timetable (May 2015) (PDF, 44KB, 1 page)

SP2 Review update

The SP2 review was programmed to be published for pre-submission consultation by the end of September. The council is awaiting information from work being undertaken to understand whether there are nay implications on the SP2 review process of the latest sub-national population projections and sub-regional economic projections. Because of the potential impact of this information on the SP2 review process, the council has delayed the pre-submission consultation until the update work has been completed. The council will still proceed with the Area Action Plans timetable as set out in the Local Development Scheme.