11 Aug 2017

Council begins Island Plan review

The council’s new administration made a commitment to review the ‘Island Plan’ as part of their manifesto; today (11 August), this process has begun.

The Core Strategy (locally known as the ‘Island Plan’) was originally adopted in 2012 and sets the approach to planning for the Island. The review will ensure that this key planning strategy remains fit for purpose, as well as aligning it with the ambitions of the recently launched Regeneration Strategy, which is key to addressing the Island’s financial situation, and the council’s emerging corporate plan.

As part of the review process a range of stakeholders are being asked to feedback their thoughts, including developers, planning specialists and key local partners, such as town and parish councils.

Councillor Dave Stewart, leader of the Isle of Wight Council, said: “Before the administration was elected, it was made clear to us by many residents that they felt the current planning strategy needed to be reviewed to reflect the changing economic environment in which we all now live and work. I am, therefore, really pleased we have been able to progress this piece of work as we promised we would do. I am particularly keen that we review our housing needs and put a greater priority on providing affordable homes for our young Islanders.”

Councillor Barry Abraham, cabinet member for planning and housing, added: “This is the start of what is likely be an 18 month process to review and revise the Island Plan. Initially, we’ll be speaking to key stakeholders, such as planning officers, representatives of the building and development industry and town and parish councils to establish their expert and local views and opinions. These views will then be used to help us analyse and focus our efforts on the review. In the new year, we will also host a public consultation to better understand the thoughts and views of Islanders, before the revised plan is presented for likely adoption in 2019.” 

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Island Plan review begun
Island Plan review begun
  • The first phase of consultation will be with targeted stakeholders. Member of the public will be given opportunity to comment as the process continues.
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