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14 A (3) Electricity Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) 2000 Regulations (as amended), The Electricity Act 1989

Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre – Offshore application

The Local Planning Authority has been sent copies of additional information relating to an application for an offshore renewable energy facility, which would include up to 60 tidal devices of varying designs arranged in 6 berths and capable of generating between 0.1 to 6MW per year, to the south of St Catherine’s Point, Isle of Wight. The Planning Authority is required to display the information so that members of the public may inspect it. If you would like to view the information or comment on the application, then please click on the following link: Marine Management Organisation Website

Please note that all comments or queries should be directed to the Marine Management Authority (MMO) as the Local Planning Authority is not the determining Authority for this application.

Correspondence on Planning

Please note that the Council does not enter into individual correspondence about representations on planning or similar applications. Nor will it provide comment in the media on planning applications that are still to be determined. 

We take account of comments as part of the process of assessing the application, along with all others received. The report prepared is to inform the decision-making process (whether for Committee decisions or an officer delegated decision) and summarises all the representations and assesses the issues raised in the context of relevant planning policies.

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