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Working on wastefulness

Members of Newchurch 1st Scouts Beavers Group have been learning about the importance of recycling more and wasting less at an interactive waste themed workshop.

The workshop was provided by the council, in partnership with Amey, and was led by Island organisation the Footprint Trust.

The Beavers learnt how to tell if an item was recyclable, what items go in what bin, how recycling practices stretch back hundreds of years and where much of our everyday objects come from as well as top tips on how to reduce waste in the first place.

Executive member for major contracts management, Councillor Jon Gilbey, said: “The reduce, reuse and recycle message is essential in encouraging young people to think about the local and global impacts of waste and very often, they will drive recycling practices at home, as a result.

“We all have a responsibility to reduce our waste and initiatives such as this put in place sustainable habits for life. It is great to see the Beavers engaged in learning about recycling in fun and imaginative ways, well done for bringing this initiative forward, and I’m sure they had a lot of fun in the process.”

Neil Harris, Newchurch Beavers Scout leader, said: “The children loved the waste education workshop and learnt an awful lot about why it is important to recycle and how to know if an item can be recycled or not. This plays a key part in their development of life skills at such a young age.

“I want to thank the Footprint Trust, Amey and the Isle of Wight Council for organising the event and we will certainly be doing it again in the future.”

A key part of community education and engagement, the free waste education workshops are available to schools and organisations across the Island and were introduced when Amey, in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council, began providing waste services on the Island in November 2015.

Any organisation interested in receiving a free workshop should contact the Footprint Trust on (01983) 822282 or by emailing ray@footprint-trust.co.uk 

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Finding out more about recycling.
Finding out more about recycling.
  • The free waste education workshops are available to schools and organisations across the Island.
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