A-Z Index of Council Services

This page contains an A-Z listing of all the Services the Isle of Wight Council provides to the public. To search for a service please enter keywords below or use the A-Z menu to search services alphabetically.

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A-Z List of Services

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LAA (Organisational Change Team)
Labour Group
Labour Group Room (Labour Group)
LAC (Children in Care)
Lake Parish Council
Land and Property (Commercial Land and Property)
Land Charges (Local Land Charges)
Land Drainage
Land Ownership (Commercial Land and Property)
Land Registry
Land Searches (Local Land Charges)
Land/Property Searches
Landfill Planning Application (Waste Contract Procurement Project)
Landlord and tenant (Public Health - Housing)
Landlord and Tenant (Housing Enforcement)
Landlord Fair (Homelessness Prevention - Landlord Information)
Landslides (Coastal Management (including Coast Protection))
Lanesend Primary School
Language courses (Library Learn)
Language Courses (Library Online)
LAS (Local Assistance Scheme)
Latest News & Updates (Household Waste and Recycling)
Law Centre (Isle of Wight Law Centre)
LCTS (Local Council Tax Support - Entitlement)
LDF (Planning Policy)
LDS (Background Documents)
Leader's Office
Leaflets (Publications and graphic design)
Learning & Development
Learning & Development Service (Learning & Development)
Learning Disability (Westminster House)
Legal Agreements - Copies (Local Land Charges)
Legal Aid
Legal Services (Corporate Governance)
Legislation (Housing Benefit - Guidance)
Leisure Access Cards (One Card)
Leisure Activities (Leisure Services (authority managed facilities))
Leisure centre (Heights Leisure Centre)
Leisure centre (Medina Leisure Centre)
Leisure Centres (Leisure Services (authority managed facilities))
Leisure facilities (Heights Leisure Centre)
Leisure Passes (One Card)
Leisure Services (authority managed facilities)
Liberal Democrat Group
Library catalogue (Library Discover)
Library Catalogue (Library Online)
Library Consultation (Using the Library)
Library Discover
Library Enjoy
Library involvement (Getting Involved)
Library Learn
Library Online
Library Online Entertainment (Library Enjoy)
Library Online Information (Library Discover)
Library Online Learning (Library Learn)
Library Services (Using the Library)
Licence - Boarding Animals (Animal Boarding Establishment Licence (Cats/Dogs))
Licence - Boatman (Licence - Pleasure Boats)
Licence - Building Materials
Licence - Caravan Site
Licence - Cinema (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Licence - Deal in Game (Game Dealer's Licence)
Licence - Door Supervisor
Licence - Highways Projection
Licence - Nursing Agencies
Licence - Pet Shop (Pet Shop Licence)
Licence - Pleasure Boats
Licence - Private Club - late hours (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Licence - Scaffolding and Hoarding
Licence - Sell Explosives (Explosives Registration)
Licence - Sports Ground
Licence - Street Café (Licensing)
Licence - Tattooists, ear piercing and electrolysis (Skin Piercing / Tattooing / Acupuncture)
Licence - Theatre (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Licence Application Forms (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
License - lottery (Licensing - Gambling)
Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment
Licensing - Animals
Licensing - Gambling
Licensing - Major Events
Licensing - Other
Licensing - Street Trading & Charitable Collections
Licensing Taxis
LIFE (Fire Service - Education)
Lifeline (Wightcare)
lifeline alarm (Adult Social Care - Remaining Independent)
Lifesaving courses
Lift (Shanklin Lift)
Liquor Licensing (Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment)
Listed Buildings (Conservation & Design)
Loans and Donations (Museum Service)
Loans, Donations and Bequests (Museum Service)
Local Agenda 21 (Energy Management)
Local Aggregate Assessment (Minerals and Waste)
Local Area Agreement (Organisational Change Team)
Local Assistance Scheme
Local Assistance Scheme (Local Assistance Scheme)
Local Businesses, Organisations and Societies
Local Council Tax Support - Entitlement
Local Council Tax Support - Scheme
Local Development Framework (Planning Policy)
Local Development Scheme (Background Documents)
Local Elections (Elections Management)
Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (Flood Risk & Watercourse Consents)
Local Government Administration Records
Local History
Local History (Local Studies Collection)
Local Land Charges
Local MP (Island MP)
Local Offer
Local Plan (Planning Policy)
Local Plan (Core Strategy)
Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)
Local Searches (Local Land Charges)
Local Studies Collection
Local Support for Older Persons (Adult Social Care - Services)
Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) (Transport Policy)
Local Transport Plan (LTP) (Transport Policy)
Lollipop (Road Safety)
Lollypop Men & Ladies (School Crossing Patrols)
Looked After Children (Children in Care)
Loos (Public Convenience Cleansing)
Lord Louis Library
Lotteries registration (Licensing - Gambling)
Lottery - Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight Lottery)
Love Lane Primary School (Lanesend Primary School)
Lowered Kerbs (Disabled Access) (Highways Disabled Access)